Eden - The truth about our origins
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Eden - The truth about our origins (English version)

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Eden - The truth about our origins (English version)
Eden - The truth about our origins (English version)
  • Auteur: Anton Parks
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Eden - The truth about our origins

Anton Parks

From 1872, the date of the translation of the Babylonian cuneiform version of the Flood, discovered in Nineveh, the world of Assyriology for 140 years maintained the feverish hope of exhuming and translating the original texts relating to the garden. of Eden and original sin. It had long been suspected that these documents should exist on clay tablets, except that they seemed, until today, perfectly untraceable ... Between 1889 and 1900, archaeologists from the American University of Pennsylvania undertook excavations extended on the Niffer site (Nippur), in the very heart of ancient Mesopotamia.
A vast collection of Sumerian texts was thus made in the light of day, among which were a dozen tablets of great importance as to the knowledge of the sources of Biblical Genesis and our origins. Nobody seemed to have noticed it! Having taken over the unsatisfactory translations of his predecessors, Anton Parks has, for four years of intense labor, set about finally restoring the original quintessence of these invaluable documents, to expose it to us in this fascinating work.
You will discover as you read that the beginning of the Genesis of the Bible is a truncated version of what these tablets freshly retranslated. The Garden of Eden, the Tempting Serpent and the Man's Folly appear here in a completely new light, which shows how these episodes have progressively been rendered incomprehensible by their rewritings. Our civilization is now old enough to break through a secret that many sacrifices have hitherto preserved from the hands of the "profane".
For among the treasures concealed by the world, there is only one that contains all the mysteries together: that which is the true history of Creation and the origins of good and evil. At this time of revelations of all kinds, it seems at least essential to question the reality of what founded the three great religions of the Book! The truths unveiled here do not just shake us, they plunge quite simply to the very roots of Western civilization!

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